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Sheriff of Nottingham (2nd Edition) 诺丁汉警长 (第二版)
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Sheriff of Nottingham (2nd Edition) 诺丁汉警长 (第二版)
游戏人数: 3-6人
适合年龄: 14+
游戏时间: 60 分钟


他委托新任警长严格检查商人的商品,禁止任何非法商品入城。新警长很精明,却也会在收取贿赂后视而不见,让商人带着违禁品入城。哪个商人最终会在市集摊位上卖得最多的商品 (和违禁品,如果有的话)并获得最大的利润?


这个新版本包括更新的规则,以及第 6 商人、黑市和警长代表等扩展。

Sheriff of Nottingham (2nd Edition) 诺丁汉警长 (第二版)
No. of Players: 3-6
Suggested Age: 14+  
Game Duration: 60 min

Will the Merchants get their goods past the Sheriff?

The bustling market in Nottingham is filled with goods from all over the kingdom. Most of it is entirely legal, however, Prince John is looking to make sure no contraband gets sold. He’s tasked the Sheriff to inspect Merchant’s wares, looking for any illicit goods. The Sheriff’s shrewd, but not above taking a bribe to look the other way. Which Merchant will end up getting the best goods through and make the largest profits in the market stalls?

In Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd Edition, players take turns playing the Sheriff, looking for contraband goods, and the Merchants trying to stock their Stall with the best goods. The Sheriff can inspect any bag they want, but they must be careful, as they’ll have to pay a penalty if they find the Merchants were telling the truth.

This new edition includes updated rules, as well as expansions such as the 6th Merchant, Black Market, and Sheriff’s Deputies.