POLITIKO 3.0 (Peninsula) 宝里睇够 3 (半岛)
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Politiko 3.0 是一种诡计多端和见利忘义的现实政治的纸牌游戏 —— 换句话说;这是一场关于赢得马来西亚选举的游戏!  

Politiko 3.0 is a card game of wacky scheming and cynical realpolitik - in other words; it's a game about winning the Malaysian election!

POLITIKO 3.0 (Peninsula) 宝里睇够 3 (半岛)
游戏人数: 2-6人
适合年龄: 14+  
游戏时间: 30 分钟  

当我们为马来西亚第 15 届大选日期做出多番猜测时,Centaur Games 自豪地推出 POLITIKO 3.0

将政党心机转化成选票;利用选民成就你的诡计。但是不要被你自己的计谋弄糊涂了, 你的后门阴谋可能会适得其反!  

10 个不同(但熟悉)的政党中进行选择,这些政党具有独特的优势和严重的局限性。你能带领他们走向胜利吗?

POLITIKO 3.0 (Peninsula) 宝里睇够 3 (半岛)
No. of Players: 2-6
Suggested Age: 14+  
Game Duration: 30 min  

As we ready for Malaysia’s 15th General Election, Centaur Games proudly presents POLITIKO 3.0 – all the scheming realpolitik this season has to offer, now with MORE SPIN.  

Turn schemes into voters; twist voters into schemes. But don’t get confused by your own spin – your backroom plots might backfire on you!  

Choose from 10 distinct (yet familiar) political parties, with unique strengths and crippling limitations. Can you lead them to victory?