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Cat’s Tsukiji 猫的筑地
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* 6个可爱貓爪指套

Cat’s Tsukiji 猫的筑地
游戏人数: 2-6人
适合年龄: 5+
游戏时间: 20 分钟



Cat’s Tsukiji 猫的筑地
No. of Players: 2-6
Suggested Age: 5+  
Game Duration: 20 min

Welcome to the most famous fish market in the cat's world, Tsukiji Market!

You and your fellow kitten chefs are competing to get the freshest fish for your restaurant. The competition is so intense that you can't get what you want without stretching your paws all the way to the most delicious fish at a lightning speed. So spot on the fish, raise your paws, and grab them for the win!

Cat's Tsukiji is a speed game like no other because you will put on the cutest game component in the world — the cloth cat paws! You can choose the finger cloth of your favorite cat pattern, how cute is that!