7 Wonders: Architects 七大奇迹:建筑师
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7 Wonders: Architects 七大奇迹:建筑师
游戏人数: 2-7人
适合年龄: 8+
游戏时间: 25 分钟



游戏规则是从头开始全新设计的,把重点放在了家庭游戏上。设计师Antoine Bauza想把它变成更快、易懂、适合家庭的体验;是围绕着「谁都能享受地玩、且非常适合桌游新手」这一概念而设计的一款游戏。

1. 从3张可选卡牌中选择1张卡牌。
2. 打出卡牌放置在你面前。
3. 使用卡牌能力来建造你的奇迹,实现科学的发现,或与其他玩家斗争!


7 Wonders: Architects 七大奇迹:建筑师
No. of Players: 2-7
Suggested Age: 8+  
Game Duration: 25 min

Construct a wonder so magnificent, it will leave your mark on history!

In 7 Wonders Architects, build one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world and gain as many victory points as possible to win the game!

Build your wonder stage by stage!
Watch your wonder take shape throughout the game and use its effects with each new stage you construct.

Choose and play
On your turn, choose one of three cards and immediately apply its effect.
Your resources, gold, scientific discoveries, and army will guide your civilization to victory!

7 Wonders Architects is also...

  • A game with simple rules and quick gameplay, perfect for those new to board games.
  • A new design for friends and family set in the 7 Wonders universe, the most awarded game in the world.
  • Set up and cleaned up easily, thanks to the different component trays included in the box.
  • Playable for ages 8 and up, suited for 2 to 7 players.
  • Adapted for colorblind players, with a symbol associated with each color used in the game.