My Very First Games – To Market 我的第一个游戏 - 去购物
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* 我的第一个游戏
* 精美 3D 市场摊位

* My Very First Games
* Beautifully designed 3D market stand

My Very First Games – To Market
我的第一个游戏 - 去购物

游戏人数: 1-4
适合年龄: 2+ 
游戏时间: 10 分钟




My Very First Games – To Market
我的第一个游戏 - 去购物

No. of Players: 1-4
Suggested Age: 2+  
Game Duration: 10 min

To market, to market.

Each of you has a shopping list with four items to buy. But where can you buy rolls and which market stand sells cheese? How much do socks cost and are there any tasty strawberries left to buy?

What can you buy with the large play money? The die determines where you shop next. Children can also easily play creatively with the game materials, trying out many interesting roleplay games about shopping.