My Very First Games – Bubble Bath Bunny 我的第一个游戏 - 泡泡浴兔子
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* 我的第一个游戏
* 精美 3D 浴缸配件

* My Very First Games
* Beautifully designed 3D bathtub

My Very First Games – Bubble Bath Bunny
我的第一个游戏 - 泡泡浴兔子

游戏人数: 2-4
适合年龄: 2+ 
游戏时间: 5 分钟




My Very First Games – Bubble Bath Bunny
我的第一个游戏 - 泡泡浴兔子

No. of Players: 2-4
Suggested Age: 2+  
Game Duration: 5 min

Bubble Bath Bunny is splashing about in the bathtub with his two ducks when suddenly his toys disappear in the suds. Where are the bucket, whale and boat? Whoever can correctly recognize colors and symbols can help little bunny find all his bath toys.

The instructions in Bubble Bath Bunny provide several suggestions to help parents and their child become familiar with the game materials together and how they can use them in different games.

This game collection will train a child's skills and abilities, including: fine motor skills, concentration, language skills and the recognition of colors and symbols.

But mostly, their child will simply have a lot of fun playing while automatically learning at the same time.