Color Choo Choo 嘟嘟列车
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*XXL game board with a railroad network

*3 variations with different levels of difficulty

Color Choo Choo 嘟嘟列车
游戏人数: 2-4人
适合年龄: 3+
游戏时间: 10分钟



嘟嘟列车 是适合3岁以上孩子的儿童桌游,可以促进孩子的逻辑思维,辨别颜色、形状,和手眼协调的能力。

Color Choo Choo 嘟嘟列车
No. of Players: 2-4
Suggested Age: 3+  
Game Duration: 10 min

Choo-choo, here comes the train! Many passengers are crowded together on the four coloured train platforms. The players need to be lucky when rolling the dice and have an overall view when repositioning the switches. But what's going on? The passengers have tickets for different stations. The player who can bring the most passengers with the train to his/ her own colour station is the winner.

A multi coloured die game of luck: Choo-choo! Who will take the most passengers with the train to his/her own colour station? What's needed is some luck rolling the dice, an overall view when repositioning the switches and passengers with a ticket in the colour of the engineer's own station. It plays in just 10 minutes.

This lovely children's game for 3 years and up encourages logical thinking, recognizing and differentiating colours and shapes, free play/role play and hand-eye coordination.

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